Mini-Golf and Soldering

A day of fun and electronics.

1 day mini-camp with field trip
Up to 30 campers – 6th through 12th grade



Campers start the day with fun and sun at one of St. Louis’ various Mini-Golf courses where they will play a round of mini-golf to burn off some energy.


Upon return for the afternoon Project Make IT will conduct a soldering clinic where we teach the kids basic soldering skills.  Soldering is a form of welding that uses an iron heated to approximately 500 degrees to join 2 pieces of metal.  Solder is also the metal alloy that is melted to connect those pieces.  It’s used to make solid electrical connections.  After a safety lesson and some practice the campers will get to solder their very own blinking badge that they can take home.


This camp is 100% sponsored.  We provide admission and all the materials.   All you need to provide is transportation and campers.

For more information, please contact Project Make IT

It felt great to be back.  Thank you to all the volunteers, families and kids who made this our best celebration yet.  All of the projects were amazing and just getting to the finish line is a victory.  We’re so proud of everyone.  The winners are:

  1. A Day at the Zoo by The Science Group!! from New City School
  2. Ice Cream Party by the Waffle Cones from New City School
  3. Team Herbert Hoover from Herbert Hoover – Boys & Girls Club of Greater StL

Summer Camp was so much fun at our Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Louis locations! At the beginning of camp, students took a field trip to The Magic House at MADE STL. They had a great time playing, exploring, creating, and collaborating. Students also learned the fundamentals of coding and mechanics at camp. As their projects evolved they worked on building motors and building their cardboard structures. Once these self-guided projects were completed, we held an awards ceremony and carnival. Students were able to see each other’s carnival games in action, and we announced the winners of the competition. 

We are expanding our Boys and Girls Club of STL (BGCSTL) footprint, and we are now bringing our summer camp program to 3 locations within BGCSTL with the possibility of adding a 4th! Our exciting hands-on learning program will also be at New City School this summer. We can’t wait to bring our project-based STEAM curriculum to more students in our St. Louis community. If your child is interested in learning the fundamentals of coding, electronics, motors, controls, design engineering, and construction, find the summer camp location closest to you and sign up today!

We at Project Make-It know that our community is our strength. We work with a diverse student population, and as such, we stand strong against racism. We add our voice to the chorus calling for real racial equality in this country. At Project Make-It, we promote equity in STEM education and offer after-school opportunities for the students of our community. We recognize that this isn’t a moment, but is in fact a movement, and we say unequivocally that Black Lives Matter. Project Make-it stands with those who are fighting for change.

AT&T announced their $1,000,000 giving campaign for StL called “AT&T Believes”.  Governor Parsons, Mayor Krewson, County Executive Sam Page, etc. all local leaders attended.  AT&T’s Midwest President,  Craig Unruh, (in his speech) referenced AT&T Believes’ partnership with Project Make-It as an example AT&T already making positive impact in St. Louis.   Thank you, AT&T Believes, your support makes a huge difference.