The Design process

The Design Process is an approach to engineering and design.  You may have already seen a version of this chart.  The most important aspect is that the process is circular.  You are not done after you create, you must improve and create again.  The design process is similar to writing a paper.  You come up with an idea; plan your outline; write a first draft; and then you rewrite it.  You should never turn in your first design/draft as completed



CardBoard Engineering

There are many ways different ways to work with cardboard.  Try to incorporate the right technique for the situation.


Cardboard can warp when painted

When you paint cardboard the moisture can warp it.  This happens because when the paint dries it constricts one side of the cardboard and not the other


it’s not going to work the first time

This goes back to fail fast, fail early.  Your chance of what you are building working perfectly the first time is about zero.  You may only have a little bit if tuning or you could have to scrap your whole design.  Make sure you plan in time to test and rebuild.



tackle the hardest part first

Integral to the design process is to identify and tackle the hardest part first.  If you cannot accomplish the hardest part you need to adjust your design.  This is called fail fast, fail early.  You may need many iterations to improve on the hardest part.  Do not put it off till the last minute – If it fails to work you will have no time to iterate.