Making something is a process

What we mean by that is you’ll make a plan and when you try to build what you planned it might not work or look like your plan.  To make it work right you will have to take time to refine your plan and make corrections.  Think about the first plan as a rough draft to get your ideas out and try to get started early.  Build in time to refine your plan.   This approach is often referred to as “The Design Process”


The Design Process



Imagine your project

A good place to start is picking a theme and doing some rough sketches.

Plan your project

Start by laying out and sketching the design.  Use the layout page to draw your overall shape and features.  Make a list of materials.  Divide up jobs.

Make It

Build the base, parts, and put it all together


Does it work?  Does it need to be fixed?  Is it good enough?

Improve it

Start the process all over again by making improvements

The Design Process is an approach to engineering and design.  You may have already seen a version of this chart.   The most important aspect is that the process is circular.   IMAGINE what you are going to build and make a PLAN.  After you have a plan you get to MAKE your plan.  Once its done you should EVALUATE what you have made and IMPROVE it to make it better.  Now the process starts all over again:  imagine the changes, formulate a plan, make what you planned….

You are not done after you create, you must improve and create again.  You should never turn in your first design/draft as completed.