Mini-Golf and Soldering

A day of fun and electronics.

1 day mini-camp with field trip
Up to 30 campers – 6th through 12th grade



Campers start the day with fun and sun at one of St. Louis’ various Mini-Golf courses where they will play a round of mini-golf to burn off some energy.


Upon return for the afternoon Project Make IT will conduct a soldering clinic where we teach the kids basic soldering skills.  Soldering is a form of welding that uses an iron heated to approximately 500 degrees to join 2 pieces of metal.  Solder is also the metal alloy that is melted to connect those pieces.  It’s used to make solid electrical connections.  After a safety lesson and some practice the campers will get to solder their very own blinking badge that they can take home.


This camp is 100% sponsored.  We provide admission and all the materials.   All you need to provide is transportation and campers.

For more information, please contact Project Make IT

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