Paper Clip

Servo Motor


hot glue gun

cardboard knife


Mechanical:  Easy

Coding and Electrical:  Medium

Construction:  Easy



A pyramid is one of the most simple structures you can build.


 It’s base can be trilateral, bilateral, or any polygon shape.  The square pyramid, with a square base and four triangular outer surfaces is a common version.  All it takes is gluing 4 triangles together.

The basic design of the pyramid, with the majority of weight at the bottom, and with it tapering to the top, means that less material is pushing down from the top,  This structural weight distribution allowed early civilizations to create huge, stable monuments.


The pyramid is a basic, strong structure.  It will be durable and not take many steps to build.


Cut 4 equal sized triangles for the sides of your pyramid.



Hot Glue the sides together.  On one side I only glued the top 1/3 to the adjoining pieces.   The bottom of is piece will be the door.





The mechanics will be using a servo with a pushrod. .




If you do not have a servo with a single sided arm cut off one side of the double arm.  I scored the base of one servo arm with the cardboard knife and snapped it off.



Cut a 3/4 inch strip of cardboard.  Make sure the inner corrugation (ridges) are aligned the short way.  You are going to thread the paper clip through the corrugation.


Hot glue it just below your hinge.



Take a standard paper clip and bend it as shown.  I unfolded this one and used its existing bends.  Thread the hook side though the servo arm.


Line up and place the servo on the stationary side if the door panel.  Place it next the stationary side of the hinge.  Use hot glue or double sided tape to secure it.   Your done!  Make sure you disconnect your servo are before you program it for the first time.  You need to learn its position!



Here is a close-up of the pushrod and servo.



Your pyramid is ready for painting.  It’s up to you to decide what happens to the ball when it gets inside 🙂