Zoom Link for the class.  Copy this link, it will be the same link every week.


Class is at 4pm on Mondays



Post action pictures and pictures of your projects on Padlet

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Day One

Today is centered around getting materials out and getting acquainted with everything.   We’ll start with coding.  Don’t worry if we have problems with the computers that’s why we are doing this early in the session.  We need to know what is working and what is not.

4:30 pm   Get Zoom session going 

Introductions and discussion of past projects

Project Make It Video

Caine’s Arcade

4:45 pm   Introduction to the website

5:00 pm          Student Entrance Survey 


Materials needed for class

  1. hot glue gun
  2. cardboard knives
  3. cardboard

Links for today

  1. MakeCode for Micro:bit
  2. Student Entrance Survey
  3. Firmware for Micro:bit
Project Make It:
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