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Awards Ceremony 3/3 4:30 pm via ZOOM


Congratulations on finishing Project Make It.  This year was a special year that will be like no other and we made it.  I am so proud of everyone!  We have awards to give out 🙂  We wish we were able to have a big event and hand them out in person but we’re doing it over ZOOM.  All the teams will be there and at least we can have a moment for the kids to share what they made.  We have trophies, prizes and raffles to give away.    Check back here for the ZOOM link.

Weeks 11-12

Finishing up!

It’s time to finish all your building and polish your projects.  I need pictures on Padlet!  Please fill out the Team Info Form; I need you team information for signs and diplomas.  We are setting the dates we be visiting the sites to score your projects.  Your date is 3/1; Eric will post a schedule next week.  We will be taking pictures and conducting basic interviews.  Wear your Project Make It t-shirts 🙂  It should take about 1/2 hour.  Here is a copy of the scorecard they will be usingFill out your exit survey on your final class.  We have a gift card for the best Padlet posts!  

Final Checklist

Finish project

Fill out team info

Take Exit Survey

Review for interview

Preparation for the interview

Wear your Project Make It t-shirt

Introduce yourselves

What is your Project Name

Tell us about your theme

Show us the feature you are most proud of

Links final weeks

Team Info Form

Student Exit Survey

Judges Scorecard

Week 5 and Vacation

Design and build.  Please post pictures of your progress on our Padlet Page: 🙂  This week and vacation is about building.  I posted an example of how to build a simple base for your course in the Make-It section under “Base”.  This is only an example but it shows you all the features you will need for a sturdy course.  I also updated the planning page with an example of how to divide up tasks. 

Materials needed for class

  1. hot glue gun
  2. cardboard knives
  3. cardboard

Links for today

  1. Simple tutorial on how to build a base
  2. Planning and Overview
  3. Design Sheet .pdf for printing


Week 4


Materials needed for class

  1. Microbit and data cable
  2. computers/chromebooks
  3. Crickit motor controller
  4. hot glue gun
  5. cardboard knives
  6. cardboard

Links for today

  1. MakeCode for Micro:bit
  2. Plan-It
  3. Design Sheet .pdf for printing
  4. Student Entrance Survey