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Thank you for participating in Project Make It.  Here you will find your daily class information.  More non-class specific information can be found at

Daily Schedule


12 pm Check in and discussion

 12:15  Review and Daily lesson

 1 pm  Lunch

 1:30   Group task/building

 2:35   Clean up

 2:45   Review and Discussion

3 pm  Dismissal     


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Posting to Padlet


We want to see what you make every day.  At the end of each day we would love it if you would post your work to Padlet. The link is provided below. 




MD Summer 2020 Day 2


  • Registration Forms/Pretest if not finished them to yesterday
  • Orient them to the websites as needed
  • Continue to formulate  ideas about themes and ideas for the project.

Materials Needed: Name tags, microbit with programming cord, and battery pack. Servos, motors, alligator clips. Computers, screen or projector to watch directions.


Lesson Plan Overview:

  1. Finish anything from yesterday as needed.  Review/Discuss as needed.
  2. Brainstorm, what do they know about coding.  basics of codingObama inspiration video.
  3. Pass out Microbits, programming cord to each computer group. Have them go to and start going through tutorials. Start with blinking heart, when they try to download they will most likely need a firmware update. It will give directions, see if they can follow directions on how to do it. 
  4. After they have completed the blinking heart go to the dice and rock paper scissor challenges
  5. If they complete this, pass out a cricket to each group. Go over how to gently slide it in. Next challenge will be to try and move a servo motor with the cricket. They will need to add an extension to the makecode page from
  6. If any get this far their next challenge will be to make the circular motion turn into linear motion. Video on links

This will continue into next day. If any kids have extra time continue to familiarize themselves with the website, research ideas for golf hole.