Project Make IT is looking for volunteers to assist students with ArcGIS software

Volunteer Responsibilities
Project Make It is looking for motivated individuals to assist high school students with entering data and imagery gathered from the weather balloon into ArcGIS software from ESRI.

  • After School program
  • 1 day/week 4-6pm 3 weeks (6 hours) total
  • Starting in mid November

Project Description:
High School students launch tethered high altitude weather balloons at various heights to collect imagery and data to analyze. Starting at the planning stage students design an instrument platform for high altitude weather balloons. The platform will be equipped with a camera and sensors for data collection. Early launches will be at low altitudes under 150ft to test the rig and make modifications. The main launch will be tethered around 400ft and will supply the data the students will later analyze. As a bonus – if the platform is suitable for high altitude and time permits we would do a final high altitude (untethered) launch and attempt to collect the platform and data where it lands.

Preferred Qualifications:

    • Familiar with ArcGIS software from ESRI
    • Good communication skills
    • Problem solving
    • Patience

Desired Skills:

    • Proactive problem solver
    • Detail-oriented
    • Experience in teaching or mentoring
    • Understanding of coding, construction, or project management



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