Carnival Arcade

Project Make It

Summer 2021


Main Challenge: Working in groups of 1-3 each team will use their STEAM skills to create a carnival type game made mainly of cardboard, but also incorporates coding. 


Each Game Will:

  • Have a name/signage and be aesthetically pleasing. Paint, markers and other decorations/art supplies can be used to make it an eye grabber.
  • Have at least one moving part that has been coded. Moving parts that add to the challenge of the game rather than for decoration is encouraged. Extra points will be awarded for more moving parts.
  • Be durable enough to be played repeatedly by others. (This includes game structure and wiring of microcontrollers and motors)
  • Have rules for playing the game and winning prizes.


To Earn Extra Points:


  • USE programmable LED lights and/or LED lights from Microbit within the game.
  • Use sensors to activate lights or moving parts.
  • Movements that are different from circular or simple back and forth.

Possible Supplies:  Each group will have access to motors, lights and microcontrollers. Cardboard, packing tape, hot glue, paint, markers and other art supplies will also be used.  Items from recycling bin consumables from your facility.  Start thinking about ways to repurpose items!